Maximum Living Workshop


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Maximum Living is a four-hour interactive workshop that assists people in finding God’s specific purpose for their life. Through simple and practical assessments, along with some honest feedback, participants gain valuable insight into their unique divine design. The better we understand of our design the greater the clarity of our purpose. Participating in this inspirational, biblical and practical event will enable you to enjoy a more fulfilled life as you serve others and honor God.

What Others Are Saying…

One particular insight into my calling that was helpful to me (which made it more than review) was the word “Challenging.” I think, more than communicating and strategizing, I help people through challenging them and their status quo. This helped me think through where and who I should focus my time. Some folks don’t like to be challenged…some do.

I am always thankful for the reminder and truth that the two keys to discovering who God has made us to be are a) surrender and b) being filled with HS. Praise the Lord I don’t have to figure out how to make myself. 2) I feel as though I had a small breakthrough in writing up my purpose statement. I have been working on a purpose statement for 6 years (mostly) off and (some) on but on Monday I got the closest I’ve ever been. That clarity is life giving.