Free Spiritual Gifts Test 

Some Bible subjects are interesting and energizing. Others are reassuring and comforting. On a few, rare occasions, we explore a subject that is downright life changing. Spiritual gifts is one of those subjects!

Christians are called to give themselves wholeheartedly to the cause of Christ. Serving others is key to living this out. The starting point for service is to identify your giftedness. Paul commanded Christians to not be ignorant on this matter (1 Cor. 12:1). We are responsible to identify our gifts. My free Spiritual Gifts test is a proven assessment to identify your giftedness.


Spiritual gifts are God-given abilities granted to every believer at salvation to enable them to perform a function with ease and effectiveness. These abilities are from God by His grace to every follower of Christ without exception. They are not earned or deserved. They are freely given by God to each of His children. Every Christian has at least one or two primary gifts and multiple secondary gifts. They are listed for us in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4, and 1 Peter 4.


Our gifts are valuable not only because they are gifts of God’s grace to believers, but also because of other positive benefits. First, they are necessary for every believer’s usefulness in service. They enable us to serve others with ease and effectiveness. Second, they keep the church balanced and healthy. Differing gifts to different believers enables all of us to share in the burden of ministry. Often, only a few are doing many jobs. But, when Christians identify and exercise their gifting, the church is more balanced and healthy. When we use our gifts the church is edified and built up to the glory of God. Third, Jesus Christ is manifested in the world and in His church when believers are dispensing their giftedness. When the gifts are present and operating, they truly reproduce the life of Christ to others. Finally, when we exercise our giftedness God and Christ are glorified and exalted.


This free Spiritual Gifts test was developed in the 1980s. Hundreds, if not thousands, have found it to be accurate and helpful. It is my earnest prayer that you will take this free spiritual gifts assessment and identify your primary and secondary giftedness. It will take you about 30 minutes to take the tests and get your results, indicating your strongest to weakest gifts. It will be an incredible blessing and encouragement to me if God should use this test to assist you in this important discovery. Once you’ve discovered your giftedness that God has graciously blessed you with, rejoice and give thanks. Then, move ahead into the wonderful journey of developing and exercising your treasure. Your life will never be the same! Take the FREE Spiritual Gifts Assessment NOW!

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Lord, Teach Us to Pray


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